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The AIOR Radiology Department provides comprehensive inpatient and outpatient diagnostic and interventional Radiology services for patients with Orthopaedic, Rheumatologic, Oncologic and Traumatic conditions. Diagnostic service includes high-resolution, multi slice computed tomography (CT), conventional radiography, Ultrasonography and Doppler studies. Interventional services include therapeutic articular and spinal injections, bone biopsies, radiofrequency ablation treatment, and CT orthography. Radiology Department is leads by Dr. Kumar Rana Mithilesh

Orthotics and Prosthetics

This Department is headed by Dr.Vinod Bhanti and provides comprehensive solutions under one roof. The unit boasts to have electronic foot pressure measurement system and provides orthotics and prosthetics comparable to world’s standards.

Arthroscopy Unit (Key hole)

Until recently surgery on the inside of any joint meant making a large incision and opening the joint to do even the most minor procedure. Few years ago introduction of optical and fiber optic equipment in orthopaedics began changing that and today it is possible to do many surgeries through arthroscopy. AIOR has state of the art Arthroscopy system. All the procedures are recorded and actual photographs are taken during the surgery and are given to the patient. The Arthroscopy procedures are backed up by good rehabilitation which ensures speedy recovery of the patient.

This unit is headed by Dr. Rakesh Chaudhary who has been doing knee arthroscopic surgeries since many years. Arthroscopic (Keyhole) anterior cruciate ligament and posterior cruciate ligament is routinely done at this center.

Department of Anaesthesia

This unit is headed by Dr. Baidnath Prasad, who is a very senior and skilled anesthetist.

Apart from routine Spinal and General Anesthesia our department specializes in various regional anesthesia techniques. This includes spinal as well as combined spinal-epidural anesthesia and plexus blocks. Most of the Plexus blocks are done with extremely high success rate. At the same time we are combining various nerve block with general anesthesia to give maximum benefit to the patient.

Orthopaedic Intensive care Services

Dr. Anu Sinha heads this division and we are proud to provide 24 hour round the clock intensive care services. This unit is of immense importance in managing polytrauma patients. The management of these patients is done on the advanced trauma life support protocols. The geriatric patients who also require intensive post operative care are also managed by this unit.

The unit is fully equipped with ICU ventilators, Intensive care multiparameter monitors, Arterial blood gas analyzer equipments, Defibrillators and fully trained ancillary staff and Anesthetic doctors are available to cater Emergency Trauma services

Plastic Surgery

Dr. Ashok Singh MCh. Plastic Surgery has been associated with this hospital for more than 20 years. We are proud to have him. All major Plastic surgery procedures are routinely done here.
The increasing incidences of grossly communited open compound fractures are on the rise but as we have a Plastic surgeon cover. AIOR Orthopaedic surgeon team is fully supported.

Surgical Support:

Dr. Vijay Pratap Singh who is an eminent surgeon with a special interest in head, neck and face and surgical oncology provides day to day support for this unit. He is an asset to the Institute as we routinely have patients who are associated with blunt abdominal trauma and quite a few time ends up an laparatomy and other surgical procedures

Operational Manager

Mr. Ram Pravesh Singh (Sharmaji)

A very dedicated member who may be called as multipurpose Worker (MPW) who can get anything sorted out even in the middle of the night. let it be a patient let it be an electrician, carpenter  anything.

Arthroplasty Support Services

Mr. Ashesh Kumar

We have a dedicated team who are responsible to provide Arthroplasty supportive services. We have a 24/7 Arthroplasty helpline services and provide social and adaptative support in the form of modification of home following total knee and hip replacement services according to requirements. We are proud to have Mr. Ashesh Kumar and his team to be with us.

Executive Manager

Mr. Amit Sinha

A very dedicated member who is managing the schedule of the Dr. Ashish Singh. He relates to every department within the hospital and with many community groups outside of it. He is the backbone of the IT Department and manages all promotional events of the organisation.

Bio-Medical Engineer

Mr. Chandan Kumar

He looks over all Bio-Medical Equipments of the organisation.He looks over the maintenance of all medical equipment of the organisation. He is also responsible for purchase of all medical and bio-medical equipments of the organisation.

IT Department

Mr. Ranjit Ranjan

It is very wise to keep the records of the patients which would be beneficial in future as well in terms of research and statistical purposes. The record keeping of Anup Institute of Orthopaedic and Research has been done on computers since the year 1989. At this point of time we have a dedicated team who looks after this team. Our website

He looks over all the Hardware and software issues of the organisation along with his team.

Dietician and Canteen

We have an in house canteen and each and every patient is provided with meal according to the advice of the dietician.