Doctor’s Team

specialist in each department

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AIOR Doctor’s Team

Regular Consultant

Dr. R. N. Singh Chief Orthopaedic  Surgeon & Consultant
Dr. Ashish Singh Consultant &  Orthopaedic  Surgeon
Dr. J.K. Singh Medical Superintendent
Dr. Ashok Kumar Singh Consultant &  Orthopaedic  Surgeon
Dr. Ashok Kumar Singh Plastic Surgeon & Anesthesiologist
Dr.(Prof.) Baijnath Prasad Senior Anesthesiologist , H.O.D Department of Anesthesia
Dr. O.P. Aggrawal Consultant Physician
Dr. Reyazuddin Ahmed Chief Medical Officer
Dr. Alok Ambastha Medical Officer
Dr. Anu Sinha Chief Intensivist & Anesthesiologist
Dr. Randhir Kumar Duty Doctor
Dr. Md. Sarfaraz Hussain Duty Doctor
Dr. Pinku Kumar Medical Officer
Dr. Sushil Singh Duty Doctor ,Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon
Dr. Samarth Sharma Duty Doctor
Dr. Purushotam Singh Duty Doctor
Dr. Rakesh Chaudhary Consultant &  Orthopaedic  Surgeon

Visiting Consultant

Dr. Atul Verma General Surgeon
Dr. Vikash Vaibhav Orthodontists
Dr. Sanjay Kumar Chest Physician
Dr. K.P. Yadav Cardiothoracic Surgeon
Dr. Sheeraz Hassan Ophthalmology
Dr. Rishimani Srivastav ENT Consultant
Dr. V.P. Singh Onco Surgeon
Dr. Arvind Kumar Vascular Surgeon
Dr. Kumar Vikram Cardiologist
Dr. Pankaj Hans Nephrologist
Dr. Manoj Kumar Sinha General Physician
Dr. S.K. Didwania General Physician
Dr. Usha Didwania Gyaecology
Dr. Ranjana Akhauri Ophthalmologist
Dr. Nagendra Ophthalmologist
Dr. Baidynath Kumar Neurology
Dr. Rajiv Ranjan Neuro – Physician & Neuro Surgeon
Dr. Shailesh Kumar Sinha Urology