FAQs for International Patient’s

Queries Related To International Patients - Pre-Registration, Booking Appointments And Formalities In AIOR:

I am a new patient going to visit AIOR Hospital for the first time. What documents should I bring?

You have to carry your original passport, your relative’s passport and copy of G.O letter with boarding address. If your relative is an Indian, he/she should also have an ID proof.

Is there any document which I should bring to International Relations Office (IRO)?

Yes, you should bring your passport and the online appointment of AIOR if you have already booked it online in our website. www.aior.co.in

Once I complete the online pre-registration form, will my appointment be confirmed?

No, for international patients pre-registration is done only at the IRO however you can bring copy of confirmation mail which is sent to you by IRO and accordingly when you arrive at AIOR, payment can be made

Why should I register in IRO each time I come to AIOR?

As per State Government order, every foreign national should register each time he/she comes for the treatment.

Is there any formality after registration in IRO office?

Yes, after registration in IRO office, you have to fill the police verification form and register in the police station within 24 hours. (Including Patient and all the relatives)

If I do not register in the police station, is there any problem for me?

Yes, you will have difficulty with treatment and travel.

After registration in police station, any further procedure is required?

Yes, you have to submit the Xerox copy of police verification form to IRO office, which is stamped by the police officer.

If I have a short visa period, and I don’t get an early appointment, whom should I contact?

Contact International Relations officer in IRO, who will help you get an early appointment date.

If my patient is getting admitted in the ward and I need to extend my Visa and get my C- Form. Whom should I contact?

Contact the treating doctor to get the Visa extension letter. (Renewal of visa)

Is it required to fill the pre-registration form for international patient and relatives?

Not required. Pre-registration is only done in the International Relations Office – IRO for international patients. You have to submit the original passport of the patient and all the relatives for registration in the IRO

Can I get treatment in AIOR, if I come alone?

For male patients, it’s not mandatory to have an attendant but for female patients, at least one female attendant must be there.

Can I make a new OP appointment online as an international patient?

Yes, you can! Please go to our Website:  www.aior.co.in   , call center (+916122368881 and +919931306306) Book an Appointment.

Kindly fill in the details and submit, you will be contacted by us