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As you age, the wear and tear on your joints can result in osteoarthritis, a chronic joint condition that affects over 21 million Indian. This condition occurs when the protective cartilage that covers your joints disintegrates and causes the bones rub together. Arthritis can become so painful that it stops you in your tracks. When you can no longer enjoy the activities you love and non-surgical treatments fail to relieve your pain, it’s time for joint replacement surgery.

Shoulder/Ankle Replacement Surgeries We Perform

Also called arthroplasty, joint replacement surgery involves removing the damaged portion of the shoulder, elbow, knee, or ankle and replacing it with an artificial joint that allows for pain-free movement. Utilizing the latest surgical techniques in joint replacement, some of the most common procedures that our doctors perform.

Physical Therapy

After any joint replacement surgery, you will go through several weeks of physical therapy. Working together, your doctor and therapist will customize a treatment plan for you and create a seamless continuum of care, from your initial diagnosis to surgery to recovery.



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