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child’s musculoskeletal problems are different from those of an adult. Because children are still growing, their body’s response to injuries, infections, and deformities may be quite different than what it would be seen in a full-grown person. Sometimes, what is thought to be a problem is just a variation of growth that will resolve with time. Many of the problems children have with their bones and joints do not even occur in adults. And, for the same problem that an adult might have, the evaluation and treatment is usually quite different for a child. Children with complex paediatric problems such as cerebral palsy and spina bifida are best managed by a combined medical-surgical team approach.

Paediatric Orthopaedist : 

A Paediatric Orthopaedist is a highly trained and experienced Orthopaedic Surgeon who specialises in diagnosing and treating bone & joint problems in children who are still growing. A Paediatric Orthopaedist has chosen to make paediatric care the core of his medical practice. A Paediatric Orthopaedist has typically graduated from an approved medical school (five years), completed an approved Orthopaedic residency programme (three years) and then super-specialised in an accredited Paediatric Orthopaedic Fellowship programme abroad (one to two years). Thus, a Paediatric Orthopaedist has learned, from advanced training (more than ten years) and experience, the unique nature of medical and surgical care of children.

AIOR Division of Pediatric Orthopaedics at the AIOR Hospital Center offers a compassionate and caring environment, and a broad range of the most advanced surgical and clinical services and support, for children and their families. Our faculty and staff understand the special needs of children with orthopaedic disorders and provide expertise in diagnosing and treating a wide variety of conditions.

Our experts in the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery treat a range of pediatric conditions.



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