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AIOR for Spine Surgery in India  :

The AIOR department of Spine is regarded as one of the top & best hospitals for spine surgery in India with a legacy of innovation and excellence.

Spine surgery department poses as forerunners in managing spinal surgery. High performing department carries out high risk spine surgery cases, spinal deformity, microscopic spine surgery and revision spine surgery.
The spine team comprises of two spine consultants, two junior spine consultants, two spine fellows and four post-graduation residents. Clinical excellence is backed by research department, high-tech surgical armamentary including minimal invasive options, high end operating microscopes and specialized spine implants.

spine surgeons perform major and complex spine surgery. AIOR is indeed a pioneer and one of the foremost institutions for spine surgery. The spine surgery units at the various AIOR locations are a conglomeration of spine specialists in the treatment of spinal disorders, cancers,  deformities as well as specialists in the areas of pain management and physiotherapy.



  • The Spine Surgery Centers of AIOR have many medical milestones to their credit – the first lumbar disc replacement in the country was performed at Apollo Hospitals, and several cervical spine surgeries and lumbar disc replacements have also been performed.
  • We have best spine surgical team & specialists in India with vast background of dealing with complex spinal procedures.
  • The Centers perform the full range of spinal procedures from Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery (MISS), to major spine surgery procedures like complex spinal reconstructions.
  • The units are also well known internationally for complex deformity surgeries as well as revision spine surgery. The centers perform the maximum number of spinal deformity corrections in the private health care segment in India.
Spine- Back and Neck Care :

The Service – Spine center would serve back/neck or spine pain patients efficiently, provide a comprehensive required surgical or nonsurgical treatment options.

Many people with back problems have found pain relief and other benefits from intervention, but most of the patients wonder if they really need surgery?? neurological deficit after the surgery which is a common thinking. Today,with the advent of techniques,technology,it is really a myth..most of them have a excellent chance of getting better as per their condition.

he primary purpose of back surgery or neck surgery is to correct an anatomical lesion in individuals who fail to show improvement with conservative (nonsurgical) treatment. Surgery is not an option for patients when an anatomical lesion accounting for their pain can not be identified.

Surgery is only useful to change a patient’s anatomy (e.g. remove a disc herniation). There is almost never any reason to consider exploratory surgery to “look” for a cause of pain.

Failing conservative treatment is not in and of itself an indication for surgery. An identifiable anatomic lesion is also necessary.

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