AIOR Institute of 24x7 Anup Pharmacy Services :

Medications being an integral part of therapy, the statutory regulations for scheduled drugs, quality, storage and administration are considered vital parameters for treatment.

The mission of the pharmacy is to provide medications, other health care products, relevant information, professional services and to help people and society to make the best use of them. Every activity in the pharmacy is done with certain system and confidence, in order to give the right touch of professionalism and care.

We are best in delivering medicines, services and care of the patient.

The hospital has two full-fledged pharmacies which operate round the clock with allopathic and homeopathy medicines from standard companies and follow stringent quality control measures. Pharmacy provides a complete range of pharmacy services through easy and swift dispensation of medicines.

It allows the patient to procure their medicines in the hospital premises itself, thus avoiding the need to hunt for these in the city at odd hours.

We are a team dedicated to maintaining customer satisfaction, trust and professionalism by providing excellent service and advice to all clients at all times of the day.

24 Hour Chemist’s vision is to make a meaningful contribution to the health of each patient and to make our community a happier and healthier place.


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