AIOR's Joint Replacement Department is renowned for its patient-centric approach in treating knee, hip, shoulder, elbow, and other joint disorders or pain.

The Best Surgeons, Cutting-Edge Technology: Our Joint Replacement Surgeons are at the top of their field, utilizing advanced tools such as Robotic Arm (Orthopedic Robotic Surgery) and CT Navigation. These technologies ensure highly successful surgeries with benefits including reduced pain, minimal blood loss, faster recovery, and shorter hospital stays.

At AIOR, we're dedicated to delivering the best in joint replacement care, tailored to each patient's needs. Your journey to pain-free living begins here.

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Robotic surgery is a computer-controlled robot assisted surgery, the robot provides the surgeon with an increased level of agility and allows them to operate in small spaces inside your body. Robotic surgery may result in smaller incisions that lead to less time spent in the hospital, reduce pain, scarring and quicker recovery times.

Orthopedic Robotic Surgery helps orthopedic doctors to enhance precision, flexibility, control and vision, allows the Surgeons to perform very delicate & complex surgical procedures, otherwise will be very difficult or even impossible without the aid of the robot.

  • More precise surgery
  • Significantly less pain.
  • Less risk of infection and blood loss.
  • Earlier discharge from the hospital
  • Less scarring and shorter recovery


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Computer Navigation is the real time tool for performing Joint Replacement Surgeries, to enhance the accuracy of the bone cuts, implant positioning, ligament balancing, and final alignment of the limb.

The computer generates a real time 3D model of the patient’s joint, which is vital for implant positioning, the surgery is monitored in real time and errors can be precisely fine-tuned with 100% accuracy in every patient.

  • No scope of human errors
  • Perfect implant alignment and balancing
  • Maximizes longevity of implant
  • Minimizes blood loss and pulmonary embolism
  • Faster rehabilitation, quick return to normal activities


  • Treatment done with an aim of early return to normal life and complete rehabilitation
  • Advanced tools in OT reducing the duration of a surgery
  • State of art Best Robotic Arm for Robotic Surgeries.
  • State of art CT Navigation system for error free Implants
  • Orthopedic and traumatology backed with high end radiology and oncology units making treatment more efficient and effective
  • Modular OT having hermetically sealed hand /foot operated sensor doors, seamless anti static conductive flooring, ceiling suspended laminar air flow system, and control panel.


In AIOR there is a specialized team of best orthopedic specialists to handle a range of complex, major and minor orthopedic issues.

  • Hip Replacement :
  • Total Hip Replacement.
  • Partial Hip Replacement.
  • Resurfacing Hip Replacement.
  • Revision (redo) Hip Replacement.
  • Ceramic Hip Replacement.

  • Shoulder Replacement :
  • Partial and total shoulder replacement

  • Replacement of Small Joints of hand- for Rheumatoid patients.

  • Complex trauma management
    • 24X7 supported by a multi disciplinary team of Orthopedics, Vascular Surgeons, Plastic and Reconstructive Specialists.
  • Knee Replacement :
  • Total Knee Replacement with Computer Navigation technology
  • Partial (Uni compartmental) Knee Replacement.
  • Patella femoral replacement.
  • Revision (redo) knee replacement.

  • Elbow Replacement :
  • Primary and Revision.

  • Foot and ankle surgeries

  • Limb lengthening

  • Deformity correction


  • Anup Institute of Orthopedics & Rehabilitation (AIOR) Patna specializes using the Best and state of the art Robot for the to perform the joint replacement surgeries.
  • Anup Institute of Orthopedics & Rehabilitation (AIOR) Patna specializes in joint replacement surgery using the latest computer navigation technology to perform the joint replacement with 100% accuracy.
  • Anup Institute of Orthopedics & Rehabilitation (AIOR) Patna academic wing takes various initiatives like live workshops to continuously exchange medical education and spread awareness.
  • Anup Institute of Orthopedics & Rehabilitation (AIOR) Patna is a specialized centre for sports related injuries have well formulated units to address screening, counseling and injury rehabilitation.
  • Anup Institute of Orthopedics & Rehabilitation (AIOR) Patna is a specialized centre for trauma cases. Each unit under the institute has a multi disciplinary team of Orthopedics, Vascular surgeons, Plastic and reconstructive specialists. The teams are available on a 24X7 basis.

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