Diagnosis is at the crux of treating patients. Recent technological advancements have enhanced diagnostic procedures and assisted doctors in treating patients.

PET scan is one of the most vital and critical diagnostic procedures and an imaging test that helps healthcare professionals to get a better view of their patient’s health. Sometimes imaging tests don’t reveal the underlying condition and details about the way tissues and organs of the patients are performing. Let us find out what value PET scan can add to the diagnostic procedure.

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What is PET scan?

Positron emission tomography (PET) scan helps to distinctly show how your tissues and organs are functioning by using a radioactive drug.

The technique employs radioactive traces to inject into body organ or tissue, which is to be examined.

Doctors might suggest a full body PET scan depending on the requirement for diagnosis.

Why Prefer a PET scan?

PET scan examines the chemical activity in our body and has the capacity to detect various health conditions like cancer, brain disorders and many more. PET scan is a superior method to uncover health conditions that sometimes fail to be revealed by other scans like MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) and CT (computerized tomography).

Doctors can arrive at a diagnosis of the health condition after studying the PET scan. They can plan the future course of treatment, observing the development of the existing condition and how the patient is responding to the treatment.

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PET scan is especially effective in the treatment of the following health conditions :

Cancer :

Cancer cells have a high chemical activity, so these cancer cells get revealed in the form of bright spots in a PET scan.

PET scan is an extremely useful tool for oncology. It can distinguish between a malignant and benign cancer, which isn’t possible in CT or MRI.

Brain disorders :

PET scan tracers are attached to glucose, which fuels our brain. PET CT scan helps in detecting radioactive glucose so the PET scan can detect areas of the brain that utilize glucose at the highest rates.

Heart Problems :

PET scan for cardiology gives an idea about the decreased areas of blood flow in the heart.

PET CT scan - Combining PET scan and CT scan can help doctors to arrive at a better diagnosis and assessment of the health condition.

Let us say you are looking out for PET scan center in Patna for the purpose of whole body PET CT scan. You have to consider the cost, quality and reputation of the center/hospital.

One more thing worth noting; when you share with your doctor, “I’m searching for a whole body PET CT scan near me and I don’t know which one to choose?” Your doctor will surely suggest the best based on his/her experience.

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