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Managing Director

Mrs. Kavita Singh

Dear Colleague,
Behind Every successful man there is a woman , This is an example. Our chairman Dr.R.N.Singh has excelled not only in his field of medicine but also in many other fields say contribution to Rotary. Devotion and extended support to the pupils of orphanage, blind school, artificial limb center unit. but All this could never have been possible without support of his wife and our managing director Mrs. kavita Singh.
A Salute to her for always Being with him supporting the kids when at work, meting and therefore here we are celebrating 25 years of Services to Mankind.


Message from

Dr. Ashish Singh

Dear Friends
A two room clinic in 1989 to one of the top hospital in India for Orthopaedics in 2014 has been a long journey. As we take a walk down the memory lane we experience mixed feeling of pride and humility. In this position it is imperative to redefine our future goals in our traditionally accepted core areas of patients care & comfort. Continuous upgrade technology to best available in the world
The need of patients have been identified as a result of meticulous analysis of feed back over a period of time and accomplished the delivery of these need based services. Increasing numbers of OPD’s, prior appointments and effective time management has drastically reduced waiting time of patients.
Last couple years we were honoured to have patients from countries including Nepal, UAE, Bangladesh, apart from many other neighbouring countries. Our model of health care delivery has thus benefited people in India. This is the testimony of the QUALITY of our services.
We are grateful to all our patients, our alumni members and our family. Their contribution and good wishes has been our source of inspiration to work harder and achieve greater heights.
Our Goal is to become an internationally acclaimed centre for excellence in Orthopaedics. We are on the right track and with the blessing of almighty we are certain to achieve our Goal.
Dr Ashish Singh
M.B.B.S., M.S.Orth, MCh.Orth. (U.K), SICOT Diploma Orth.,
PG Diploma C.A.O.S.(U.K)
Consultant Orthopaedic & Lower Limb Joint Replacement Surgeon
Anup Institute for Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation,
Patna, Bihar, INDIA

Behind the scenes – Administrative Eloquence

Mrs. Shilpi Singh

Dear Friends
The administration of a hospital plays a vital role in saving lives without having to take scalpel in hand. While doctors strive to keep the blood flowing and the heart beating, the hospital administration is doing their job of keeping the hospital alive and healthy.
There’s no doubt that hospitals are busy places! Stand in front of a hospital elevator or main entrance door and you are sure to see all types of activity. Doctors, Surgeons, nurses, x-ray technicians, maintenance personnel and pharmacists are just a few of the many professionals who are needed to run an effective hospital. In order for theses different specialty groups to function as one unit, they need some glue to help hold them all together. The hospital administrator is that glue. As a result, hospital administrator’s tasks, skills and qualities are varied and plentiful.

Mrs. Shilpi Singh
Administrative Eloquence
Anup Institute for Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation,
Patna, Bihar, INDIA


Medical Superintendant

Dr. J. K. Jain

Dear Friends
The only permanent thing in this universe is change and healthcare is no exception.
With changing patients profiles especially after the IT boom there changing awareness & expectations, there is an overwhelming demand on the health care providers to deliver their services to a satisfactory level.
Today you have a mix of patients ranging from the elite world traveler who wants the best facilities at par with internationals standards to a rural farmer who leaves his fate in your hands. The challenge lies in identifying the individuals’ needs of the entire spectrum of patients & trying to fulfill them satisfactorily within the available resources.
I think the way forward is to identify this change, to keep oneself updated with the latest developments in three respective fields & to make use of the latest technology appropriately.
Clearly this is the era of superspeciality practice & evidenced based medicine. We at AIOR already have all the orthopaedic & allied subspecialties under one roof, & now its time to reach out to newer horizons providing quality orthopaedic expertise at affordable pricesMrs. Sharmishtha Banerjee
Dr. J. K. Jain , Medical Superintendant
Anup Institute for Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation,
Patna, Bihar, INDIA

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