The desire for self-care is triggered when you love yourself. We all aspire to live and age healthy. Though it is not a one-day effort.

In your hay days you should be careful, and cautious. You should take care of your diet and lifestyle. Exercising regularly keeps you healthy. If you wish to keep your body and mind healthy exercising is the best way.

Only when you maintain a healthy lifestyle and exercise, you are less likely to face health challenges as you age. Quite often in the later stages of life, we face bone issues and osteoporosis is common among old aged people.

Osteoporosis and DEXA Scan

About 200 million people are affected by osteoporosis worldwide. Over 40% of women and 20% men suffer from osteoporosis. About 400 million people don’t know about osteoporosis leading to osteoporotic fragility or fracture during their life span.

Why do we have to worry about the fact that we are susceptible of suffering from osteoporosis if we don’t take care about our diet and lifestyle? Well, because it affects our living style, our movements become restricted and we experience pain.

Osteoporosis weakens your bones and makes them brittle to the extent that even a fall or a mild stress can cause a fracture. Bones break down and are replace. When osteoporosis occurs the creation of the new bone cannot be kept up with the loss of old bone.

As we talk about osteoporosis, it becomes inevitable to discuss the ways and means to test the strength of our bones and the bone density. The most widely used method is dual energy X-ray absorptiometry or DEXA scan. This determines the bone health and the risk of fracture one faces due to osteoporosis. DEXA scan - bone density test is the best way to diagnose osteoporosis and study metabolic bone health.

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But prior to opting for a DEXA scan we suggest that you understand its nuances.

What is DEXA scan?

Bone densitometry is also known as DEXA scan and dual energy X-ray absorptiometry. It is a method in which small dose of ionizing radiation is used to produce pictures of the interior of our body, quite often of the lower spine and hips to measure bone density.

It is a common method to diagnose osteoporosis. DXA is quick, non-invasive and simple.

DEXA scan is the best technique to asses bone mineral density in postmenopausal women according to the World Health Organization. It is also referred to as DXA or bone densitometry.

Purpose of Opting for DEXA Scan :

  • DEXA scan detects weak and brittle bones. If your bones are getting weak you need to consult a doctor and get medicated. Thus, this test is extremely vital in determining the health of your bones. It helps to predict how susceptible one is to being fractured.
  • At times it also determines if one needs to take medication for slow bone loss.
  • After the initial DEXA scan subsequent scans can be done to compare the progression of bone loss. The baseline scan is compared to the scans done later on to investigate if the bone density is improving, worsening or staying the same.

Importance of DEXA Scan :

  • DEXA scan holds an important place in the treatment of osteoporosis because we can assess how well the treatment is advancing.
  • After a fracture DEXA scan assess if the break in the bone was due to osteoporosis.

Reasons for Opting for DEXA scan :

  • There has been a break in the bone or bone loss in your spine and it has showed up in the X-ray.
  • You have a spine fracture and got a back pain due to it.
  • It might so happen that you’ve lost half an inch or more height within a year.
  • Bone loss is common in old age so it is recommended that women aged 65 and above and men over 70 years of age should opt for DEXA scan.
  • Note : Bone loss in women is due to the diminishing estrogen levels during menopause. Women tend to have low bone mineral density sooner as compared to men.

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