Robotic Knee Replacement surgery by Best Orthopedic Robotic Surgery and his team is performed at AIOR using most efficient and accurate Orthopedic surgical Robotic Arm & the PC Navigation surgery. Here, the best orthopedic surgical arm i.e. LEO2(MAKO)by Stryker is practised to bring up the advancement in the surgery wherein it has an aim on to have a safer surgery that leads to speedy and healthy Recovery.

Every individual patient has a different and unique analysis for the medical treatment which is required in concern to the condition of the knee (problem) before the Robotic Knee Replacement surgery. This kind of reality check on the analysis of patient surgery plans is examined by the best orthopedic doctor Dr. Ashish Singh in Patna, India. In addition to this, Anup Institute of Orthopedics and Rehabilitation (AIOR) recently added the best robotic arm LEO2 (MAKO) by Stryker along with the team that helps in providing the personalised planning & procedure with required adjustments needed for the surgery for each individual patient.

The Robotic Knee Replacement surgery using Leo2 Robotic Arm is managed with accuracy and high level of predictability which leads to the success of the surgery.

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Robotic Knee replacement surgery is considered as the best advancement in the upliftment of Orthopedic surgeries. The procedure for Robotic knee replacement surgery initially starts with the series of investigation and examination of the patient's past medical record and has a recheck over the nonsurgical measures which were taken to improve it. Since nonsurgical measures are considered to be the first step before any surgery proceeds.

The best Orthopedic Doctor Dr. Ashish Singh along with the best team examines past and current reports of CT scan and X-Ray along with the patient's knee and health analysis .Here, the best orthopedic doctors and thier team uses the BEST ORTHOPEDIC ROBOTIC ARM LEO2 (MAKO) by STRYKER where the robot is fed with the important and required information to come up with the best preoperative plan where they have the most accurate positioning of the implantation along with the advantage of zero human error.

A proper investigation before the surgery helps in planning the accurate dimensions of the implantation, during the surgery Leo2 (MAKO) by Stryker is used under the supervision of the best orthopedic doctor Dr. Ashish Singh where the necessary adjustments are done with the help of three dimensional visuals. After the surgery, there is a complete and personalised post surgery care will be provided to the patient.

The surgery is performed by the best orthopedic surgeon Dr Ashish Singh, he operates with the best robotic arm with the accuracy for the best positioning of the knee implant.

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of Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery

The best robotic arm LEO2 (MAKO) by STRYKER is the most advanced technology used by the best orthopedic doctors in the AIOR & in worldwide best Hospitals. The solution is focused on all the aspects of the surgery i.e before, after and during the surgery. Robotic knee replacement surgery has laid emphasis on some of the parameters which have turned out as the most effective and efficient way from preoperative planning to post care surgery.

Pre surgery planning helps the orthopedic doctors to have the accurate dimensions along with the necessary adjustments beforehand. LEO2(MAKO) by Stryker provides the visual during the surgery which in the olden days were all based on the assumptions. Some of the key points where this surgery turns out to be the best Robotic knee replacement surgery are:

  • Healthy and speedy recovery.
  • Surgery is done more precisely and accurately.
  • There is less blood loss along with less pain.

after Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery

After the Robotic Knee replacement surgery there is a planned post surgery care provided by the AIOR group of best orthopedic doctors and their nursing team. At the same time this comes out to be successful only if the patient cooperates and puts efforts equally.

The precautions where the patient needs to pay his/her attention are:

  • Always keep in mind to have a walker while walking immediately after Surgery.
  • Always have daily physical therapy exercises which have been prescribed by the doctor.
  • Always have a check on activities whether there is less stress in the knee joint.
  • Always change positions such as sitting, standing or lying in the bed.
  • Always avoid using long stairs but can prefer small stairs.
  • Have a proper space set up made for yourself so that there is less chances for damage.

of Implant after Robotic Knee Replacement surgery

LIFESPAN of Implant after Robotic Knee Replacement surgery can be longer, in general the lifespan of implants is around 15-20 years. The chances of successful positioning of the knee implant using Robotic arm LEO2 (MAKO) by stryker with pre and post surgery plans can increase the lifespan of the implant.


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